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Voyage LA Magazine

Heather is featured this month in Voyage LA Magazine as one of LA’s most inspiring entrepreneurs! Read the full story at Heather launched her first comprehensive, grand master mat training with PSGA, Japan! March 3/15-3/20/17, Heather travelled to Tokyo to teach the first 10 “grand masters,” who will be instrumental in disseminating the classical […]

Start the New Year with a New Body at Sumbody!

Sumbody Teacher Training in Japan

From the desk of Heather Leon Next month I will be traveling to Japan to teach workshops in both Tokyo and Shizuoka, about 3 hours outside of Tokyo. I consider it to be a great honor and am grateful to Masaki Enomoto, CEO of LALA Style, for this wonderful opportunity to be one of a […]

There’s nobody like Sumbody

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been coming to Sumbody Pilates Studio to work out, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this Studio. Heather Leon is the founder of Sumbody Studio. She is a delightful, charming and beautiful person. I recently lost 40lbs, and quit smoking 1.5 yrs ago. Thru hardship in my […]

Groupon Deal for New Students!

Choose Between Two Options $49 for Five Pilates Classes ($175 value) $89 for Ten Pilates Classes ($300 value)

New Sumbody Blog!

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Sumbody & Pilates Method Alliance

Sumbody Pilates studio has joined the Fostering Future Professionals Provider Program of the Pilates Method Alliance. The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is the international, not-for-profit, professional association and certifying agency dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. Their mission is to foster community, integrity, and respect for diversity; establish certification and continuing education standards; […]

Heather Leon’s Fitness & Beauty Secrets

Do Pilates at least 3x per week! Resistance training, especially Pilates and/or Gyrotonic, helps increase lean muscle mass and elongates your shape at the same time! Adding lean muscle increases your resting metabolic rate, so you burn more calories and lose weight. Pilates and/or Gyrotonic lengthens, tones, and increases flexibility without adding bulk. You will […]

Building Strength & Flexibility With Balanced, Graceful Movements

Building strength and flexibility with balanced, graceful movements is the premise of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Like many dancers, that’s what drew me to this extraordinary exercise regime. The “Art of Contrology” is the name Joseph Pilates gave to his ground-breaking system of low impact exercises, developed almost a century ago. Today, the […]