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Sumbody Teacher Training in Japan

From the desk of Heather Leon

Next month I will be traveling to Japan to teach workshops in both Tokyo and Shizuoka, about 3 hours outside of Tokyo. I consider it to be a great honor and am grateful to Masaki Enomoto, CEO of LALA Style, for this wonderful opportunity to be one of a few Pilates educators to bring the classical Pilates technique to Asia. Masaki approached me earlier in the year and explained that there is a growing interest for classical Pilates training in Japan. Because of my training with Romana Kryzanowska, direct disciple of Joseph Pilates, Masaki felt that I would be a good fit for his international program.

I will be teaching several workshops, including mat classes and jump board classes for weight loss in addition to workshops focusing on the spine and postural/structural imbalances.






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